HS Football: Holsteins’ Henke improving footwork, throwing mechanics

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Evan Henke is no stranger to responsibility on the football field.

“We’ve seen leadership from him since he’s been a freshman. I don’t really put that on him. He understands that role and takes that on himself,” head coach Steve Kleinjan said.

That’s why he’s been a captain since his sophomore year. 

Last season was a good one for him. Over 2,000 passing yards and a run to the 9-man semifinals. But with just one more chance to win a state title, Evan’s made sure his offseason has been busy.

“It was just a steady workout summer for him,” Kleinjan said. “He didn’t have much down time. He really has prepared hard for his senior year.”

He went to three different football camps to get even better.

“For me it’s more setting littler goals, more goals that are completion rating,” quarterback Evan Henke said. “Trying to get in shape, getting better physical physique for football. For me, a lot of it was my footwork and mechanics for throwing, and things like that.”

And if preseason throws like the one against Linton-HMB are any indication–

“I’m a lot more accurate than when I started my junior year,” Henke said.

So all the hard work he’s done could just turn those little goals into big results.

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