HS Tennis: Legacy’s Paxton Miller making a name for himself

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When you think about Legacy senior Paxton Miller, his performance in basketball and baseball stand out. But maybe you should also add tennis. Paxton is in his fourth year of playing the sport and getting better every day.

In 2015, Legacy tennis player Michael Janes thought the team needed some help.

“I looked over to my friends,” Janes said. “Paxton was not playing football anymore, so I asked him if he would like to join tennis.”

Then Michael enlisted the help of Coach Scott McPherson.

“[Scott] McPherson came right on me and started to get me to come out and I never regretted it,” Miller said.

His first time on the court, Paxton was not what you would call a natural talent.

“I was nervous,” Miller said. “I thought I was going to be a natural right away and I wasn’t. I had to put the work in.”

Paxton started as one of the last players on the junior varsity team, but he found time for tennis in between playing basketball and baseball.

“I know serving was the toughest thing for him,” Janes said. “I know that coach and I have kind of been working on that with him.”

With Paxton’s hard work, he is now a top four player on the varsity roster, an accomplishment he could only dream of four years ago.

“As a freshman,” Miller said, “Me being a top four player at Legacy on a WDA Team — I never would have expected it.”

Paxton said he does not have any highlights from his freshman year, but the people on the team are the reason he came back.

“It’s fun to play with these guys,” Miller said. “They are not like any group of guys you’ll ever meet.”

Legacy has a match at Mandan today.

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