HS Volleyball: Learning different positions aids Legacy’s Schreiner

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Senior Kayla Schreiner has been a jack-of-all-trades for Legacy volleyball.

“I have been through three positions,” Schreiner said. “Eighth grade I was an outside hitter, moved to setter, moved to libero, so it was a big difference.”

Moving from setter to libero means taking a completely different approach to each point.

“Your setters are trying to determine if they play defense and then they have to sprint to the net and get onto the next offensive part,” explained head coach Jennifer Astle. “When you’re a defensive person, you’re in that defensive mode all the time.” 

Schreiner says there was a steep learning curve when she first began making the transition.

“It’s a lot of different stuff you have to do,” she said. “There’s footwork, there’s passing, there’s angles to the passing. There’s a big leadership role to it also.”

But after some early bumps, Schreiner has discovered a natural talent for the spot.

“I feel like it’s one of my stronger spots,” Schreiner said. “I feel faster in the back row.”

You’d think the constant shifting of responsibilities might get old for her year after year, but Schreiner sees an advantage to it all.

“The more I move spots, the more I learn of the game,” Schreiner said.

As a defensive specialist now, she doesn’t get as many offensive opportunities like when she was an outside hitter. But Schreiner says she can still come through if a pass comes her way.

“When I was younger I did love hitting, and I still enjoy hitting. So if I can get a pass in the back–the last pass to spike it–I do,” she said.

Legacy hosts Mandan Wednesday night.

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