Indoor Football: Marquis Smith came highly recommended to the Bismarck Bucks


In the business world, networking is key. However, that principle also applies to the sports’ world. At the indoor football level, many players receive opportunities based on recommendations. That’s how Marquis Smith wound up in a Bismarck Bucks uniform and the Bucks are happy to have him.

For Marquis Smith, a teammate’s good word went a long way.

“Antwan Smith,” said Marquis Smith. “I actually went to high school with Antwan Smith.”

Marquis and Antwan attended high school in Maryland. Marquis was a freshman, but his play made a lasting impact on the senior.

“I took notice of him,” Antwan said. “He was making great plays. He didn’t end up playing freshman he moved straight to junior varsity. When we went to the playoffs, he bumped right up to varsity for us.”

So when Marquis reached out, Antwan had no trouble suggesting him to Coach Richard Davis.

“As fate would have it,” Davis said. “I had tracked down Marquis’ information the year before. I knew about him just a little bit. [Antwan] told me a little bit about him and I was like, ‘Heck yeah we want Marquis.'”

Marquis was looking for a place to continue his career after being cut from the Green Bay Packer’s rookie mini-camp.

“I actually wish I could get back,” Marquis said. “It’s just something that you would have to experience in order to see for yourself because a lot of people don’t know what goes on inside of the locker room.”

Marquis thinks he performed well. He wants to know what he did wrong, so he can get better.

“I actually tore down everything I did,” Marquis said. “I went from square one to try to work on my speed and technique.”

The Bucks starting defensive end says he loves Bismarck. He feels his love will grow the longer he is here.

“I just have to continue to get more adapted,” Marquis said. “I have to get more comfortable here. I feel like I  could fall in love with this place.”

Marquis’ ultimate goal is to play in the Canadian Football League. Marquis will be on the field this Friday when the Bucks host the Sioux City Bandits.

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