Larks pitcher Davis can solve Rubik’s Cube in a minute

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Bismarck Larks pitcher Colby Davis has more than one unique fact about him. Besides turning down the New York Yankees, Davis can solve a Rubik’s Cube in just one minute.

Davis says he’s always got one in his bag in the dugout, and that solving one isn’t as hard as it may look.

“Last summer one of my friends was just doing a Rubik’s Cube while we were on the way to Colorado, and I was like, ‘I want to learn the Rubik’s Cube,'” Davis explained. “So I go home, and there was this one video that’s like 30 minutes long. I watched it four times just to get it right, and once you solve it once, you basically know how to solve it forever.”

Davis and the Larks play at the La Crosse Loggers on Saturday night.

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