Legion Ball: Arenz gaining confidence in knee each day

Shortstop Evan Arenz continues to gain more confidence as he recovers from a major injury.

"I'm really excited," Arenz said. "I've been waiting for this day for a long time."

During the high school baseball season, Evan tore his meniscus while batting.

"I heard my knee kind of pop," Arenz said. "And I know something wasn't right."

Evan missed the remainder of the high school season, and wishes he could have played in the state tournament.

"Going to the state tournament knowing that I couldn't play on that nice field in Fargo," Arenz said.

But the Legion season gives Evan another shot to play the sport he loves.

"Overall, I'm probably at 95 percent," Arenz said.

Evan has been back on the field for about two weeks and the Chiefs are happy he is in uniform.

"You get your leadoff hitter and your starting shortstop back and probably one of your top three arms," Mandan Chiefs head coach Jake Kincaid said. "It instantly makes us better."

Coach thinks Evan is playing 99.9 percent, but the last .1 percent is pretty big.

"I think the last hurdle is a mental one," Kincaid said. 

While Evan may not be 100 percent confident in his knee yet, he'll never take playing baseball for granted.

"I never would have thought that my spring season would have ended on a single pitch," Arenz said. "It just not something you think about."

Evan and Mandan are back on the field a week from today, when the team travels to Williston.

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