Legion Ball: Bismarck Governors Coaches Skytland, Steiner celebrate 15 years


This year marks 15 seasons that Mike Skytland has been the head coach of the Bismarck Governors. And through all the ups and downs, assistant coach Blaine Steiner has been there for it all. And the two cannot imagine coaching without each other.

For the past 15 years, Mike Skyltand and Blaine Steiner have led Bismarck’s legion baseball programs.

“It sure doesn’t seem like it,” Skytland said. “I’d guess like seven.”

“It goes by really fast,” Steiner said. 

Together they have coached 707 games, winning 474, which means they have won a little over two-thirds of their games.

“Having known [Mike] for so long,” Steiner said. “It helps that we are on the same page with our ideas.”

Skytland’s 474 wins are the most in Govs’ history.

“You’d like to have a few more first,” Skytland said. “Everybody would.”

The Governors have finished as state runners-up five times and state champions in 2014.

“I think in the 15 years,” Skytland said. “There have only been three years that the Bismarck Governors have not finished in the top three at the state tournament.”

Even after 15 seasons together, Mike and Blaine still keep each other on their toes.

“If I’m doing something that I haven’t done before, [Blaine] will ask, ‘Why are you doing that? And maybe I shouldn’t be, or maybe I change back or maybe there is a reason.”

Even with all their success, what means the most to the coaches is when players come back and share their favorite memories.

“All the great memories they had when they played,” Steiner said. “Where it was a certain game or a certain roadtrip or something that happened on the bus with just their buddies.”

The duo goes for win 475  tomorrow against Minot.

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