Legion Ball: Deutsch family’s passion for baseball brought Legion team to New Salem


New Salem has not been known for baseball for years, but one couple has taken it upon themselves to bring the sport to the community. Their passion has translated into creating a Legion team.

When Ty Deutsch came to New Salem four years ago, baseball was virtually nonexistent. 

“Me and my wife just kind of took it over, and coached a Rookies and Majors team,” Deutsch said.

After growing the youth programs, the lifelong baseball fan now has enough older kids to start a Legion team. The difficulty now is being able to compete with towns who have already had baseball programs for years.

“We’re kind of behind because we don’t have a spring program. A lot of other teams have had basically an extra season before us. So, by the time we’re getting to where we need to be, [the opposition] is there.”

New Salem High School only offers golf and track and field during the spring season, but Deutsch has a feeling some students could find their niche with baseball. 

“There could be kids that don’t play either sport but could be very good at baseball.”

So far, Deutsch says the Legion team has taken its bumps and bruises, but that’s okay. 

“It’s not really just about winning. It’s about kids having fun and doing something in the summer.”

Because when his players are having fun, then so is he.

“There’s so many different personalities. It’s kind of crazy, and they make it fun.”

The next time New Salem will be on the diamond is Saturday afternoon in Velva.

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