Legion Ball: Kidder County balancing work and play


In Class B Legion Baseball, Kidder County Post 231 is in a unique situation. Over half of the players have summer jobs, but through it all they still find a way to field a team.

“We have about eight guys that have jobs of our 14 guys,” Kidder County Head Coach Cadon Schmidt said.

So, if every player with a job is scheduled to work on game day, that only leaves six players available.

“Some away games,” Schmidt said, “it’s very tough to get nine guys to come to games.”

With so much uncertainty with the roster, setting a lineup can be the most difficult decision Coach Cadon Schmidt makes for the game.

“You have your lineup set a the start of the day,” Schmidt said. “Then 15 minutes before the game you see that three of your kids aren’t showing up.”

Shortstop Dillion Steinolfson works 10-hour days Monday through Thursday as an electrician. 

“It’s tough to make games during the week especially during the days,” Steinolfson said. “Like away games, I can’t do. Then home games, I usually come right after work and be couple of innings late.”

This is the likely the last year Dillion will play organized baseball. So even though he’s working, he tries to lace up the spikes as much as he can.

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to play,” Steinolfson said. “This job came open and I applied right away and it was right in my hometown and I got. This is bonus baseball for me. When I can make it, it’s awesome.”

But Coach Schmidt does not mind, he knows there is life outside of baseball.

“Baseball can’t be the only thing,” Schmidt said. “These kids have to have an opportunity to explore other things such as job as well as practice for other sports.”

Kidder County is looking to make the Class B state tournament for the fourth straight year, but it might difficult as the regional tournament is in Lamoure and runs Tuesday July 24 through Saturday July 28.

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