It’s Valentine’s Day and the love bug does not preclude sports. This year, we bring you the story of the Legacy boys’ basketball head coach Jason Horner and Bismarck High boys’ co-head golf coach Kristy Horner.

“I thought she was really cute,” Jason said. “Then I saw her swing a golf club and I was really impressed.”

With their love of each other and sports, Jason and Kristy have been married for almost 13 years. They have four kids together Ella, Hattie, James and Henry.

“Seeing him with the kids and growing into becoming a really good dad makes me love him way more than I thought,” Kristy said.

Jason said he remembers the day he met his future wife.

“Went to go hit a bucket of golf balls at Prairie West [Golf Course] and saw her giving lessons,” Jason said. “I did some lowkey stalking and found out when she worked and found out when her schedule was and made sure that I went and hit a bucket those days she was scheduled to work.

“I had some help with Brad Olson, who runs the Pro shop. Finally, as she walked by me picking up buckets of golf balls. I asked her, ‘Do you give lessons or what?’ She said, ‘What do you want to do?’ and I said, ‘Whatever.’ We hit a couple of golf balls and she said, ‘This is boring let’s get in the cart and go play.'”

“I was open to the idea,” Kristy said. “He sounded like a — Brad knows him pretty well so he told me lots of good things about him. He sounded like a good guy.”

After two years of dating according to Kristy, Jason popped the question in Napoleon when she thought they were celebrating him buying a new house.

“She was like nobody else I dated,” Jason said. “There was a connection right away. Obviously, her having an interest in golf and sports and she played softball. Her demeanor and the way she carried herself was different than anyone I had dated.”

“I think I knew from the beginning that he was a guy that I could see myself with in the long term,” Kristy said.

The two Cathlocics wed in Mandan at Christ the King.

“I felt lucky the whole time,” Kristy said. “I was excited to start our lives together.”

“I wasn’t nervous for some reason,” Jason said. “I thought I would be. It goes so fast because you are talking to so many people. There are some may people and you’re trying to say thank you and met with everybody. By the time that you are done trying to get to people, it’s almost time to go and the dance is almost over.”

Jason has been a coaching basketball for 20 years and Kristy has seven years coaching golf. Both say having a partner who understands their profession brought them closer together.

“I think when she got into coaching what really helped is that we could see it from the other side,” Jason said. “As far as, when she started coaching, the exhaustion and the frustration and the things she goes through as a coach. She can see where I coming from when I come home frustrated or exhausted. Then my flip side is taking care of the kids for weeks on end. I can see where her frustration is. Before we both were doing it, I don’t think that connection was there, but I think that really helped us become more of a team, as far as, handling things around the house while somebody else is doing their passion.”

“I thought I loved him a lot at the beginning,” Kristy said, “but he’s turned into just an all-around good dude.”

Even with all the love, Jason does have one request of his wife.

“My golf game isn’t any better,” Jason said. “My life’s a lot better.”

“His golf game has gotten better,” Kristy said. “He forgets that sometimes.”