When you see Legends cars racing in North Dakota you might catch yourself seeing double; double Davenports.

“I tell you what every time she gets up beside me, or she comes around me, or we’re battling back and forth it’s the coolest feeling in the world,” AJ Davenport said.

AJ and Sierra Davenport are a father-daughter duo that is racing side by side on the dirt of the Dakotas. It’s’ a family that has racing running through their blood.

“I remember her first thing I heard her say was ‘race car,'” AJ said.

At just 13 years old Sierra can’t legally drive a car on the streets, but being in a shop, or at the track with her dad is all she’s known since birth.

“As soon as she could pick up tools she wanted to help work on stuff,” AJ explained

Racing together is a tradition that started when AJ’s dad put him in a car at 15-years-old… a pastime that AJ took a break from after his father died in 2007… but his little girl brought him back behind the wheel

AJ: “She looked up at me and (said), ‘Dad we need to do that.’ That was in 2017, and ever since then we’ve been (racing) every freaking weekend all summer long.”

It’s a time they won’t trade for anything.

“It’s awesome,” Sierra said. “It feels good.”

Whether at the shop, at the track, or in the car.

“It always felt good to me as a young kid, but now getting to be the parent in the situation it shows me how much it meant to him,” AJ said reflecting on his time with his dad.

Sierra mostly lets her racing do the talking, but she’s not shy about her goals when dad is lining up next to her.

“Just thinking that I need to stay fast and beat him,” Sierra explained.

Sierra is currently fifth in points at the Jamestown Speedway, so she’s hoping to build on that success before the summer closes out, but her ultimate goal is to get in a late model car one day.