The Class single A West Regional Tournament gets underway Wednesday, with the Bismarck Capitals set to host.

The Capitals enter as a four seed, but the confidence from the players makes it seem like they are a one seed, a lot of that coming from the familiarity of playing at Dwyer Field with hopes of making it back to the state tournament, one they played in a year ago.

“Yeah, it’s kind of nice having it here,” says Seth Dietz. “This is where we practice. We know this field, we know the turf, we know what’s going to happen on a ground ball or a fly ball. It’s like home field advantage like how it’s home court advantage. I feel more confident playing here than any field.”

“Tournament time, it’s always the same,” says head coach Aric Lee. “Who’s going to make the most plays, not make the most mistakes and get those key hits when you need them.”