The Bismark Governors are eager to get the legion baseball season going, after coming up a win shy of regionals.

As a defacto Bismarck All-Star team, the Govs don’t need a whole lot of time getting integrated as rivals to teammates. Things are loose in week one of the practice, and the players are just looking to have fun this summer. The hope is to keep the pressure off their shoulders and just play the game they know how to play.

“It’s really interesting seeing all the younger guys that you don’t get to really see play a lot,” says Isaac Pegors. “We got Shiloh guys and not playing everybody a ton. It’s really cool getting to see everybody come out and show what they have and get all the Bismarck teams’ best guys.”

“Yeah, you know, we’re all friends here,” says Noah Riedinger. “We’ve all known each other since 9 years old. We’ve been playing on travel teams together. Yeah, we’re just loose and like to have fun and it shows on the field.”

Legion Baseball Scores:
Bismarck Governors (4), Mandan Chiefs (3)