While high school activities have been canceled for the spring, many athletes are pushing to play one last time.

Skyler Strand is a baseball player at Bismarck High and is organizing scrimmages with other kids who missed out on the season. With help from his mother, their goal is to safely get a few at-bats in while following CDC guidelines and staying North Dakota smart.

“She really wanted to see me play one more time,” says senior Skyler Strand. “It’s supposed to be my senior season. This year’s a big year. She texted me, and said, what do you think about doing this?”

“You know, the high school association, activities association, I understand the position they were put into,” says mother Mikayla Jahner. “But unfortunately for the parents, we feel like we were put in the position that we needed to do something.”

KXSports reached out to the school district for their take on this event but were unavailable. The sandlot showdown is scheduled for the 15th.