As the Surrey Blue Sox have hit the 20-win mark as one of the top teams in Class B legion baseball, one family is filling multiple roles in the teams’ on-field achievements.

Kekoa and Kanoa Munos are more than just teammates on the baseball field, but the pair of brothers have played the game together dating back to their pre school years.

“In a sense, we’re kind of rivaling against each other, we want to be better than each other, but at the same time we’re brothers, and we kind of have this chemistry together, we think the same way, and it’s kind of nice having him on the team,” Kekoa Munos said.

“It’s actually a really fun experience being able to play with my brother,” Kanoa Munos said. “You know growing up, we’d play baseball in the back yard as little kids, and then being able to play together on a big stage like at state, it’s really fun, we kind of just have that bond together on the baseball field.”

The siblings have had their dad Cy Munos guiding them on the field since their t-ball days. He’s dealt with managing expectations for them as a coach and a father.

“I think I’m a little harder on them because they’re my kids. I’ve taught them basically everything they know from a young age, so I I guess I expect them to carry themselves a certain way and play the game the right way,” Cy Munos said.

The brothers bond has helped them push their games to the next level.

“Some games, one of us will make a mistake in the field, the other just picks the other one up, and we go from there. While we hit, once one of us kind of sparks up, the other starts getting it going too,” Kanoa said.

“It’s more of a competition, but we also want to push each other to be better and improve, and get better at the game,” Kekoa said.

While the duo enjoys each other’s successes there’s still some dispute on which one’s the most talented

“I already know I’m better. I’m the older one, I’ve gotta be better, so there’s no pressure, I already know I’m better, it’s just a mindset,” Kekoa said.

“I am always pushing myself to be better than him. He is older than me but, I think I’m better than him, really,” Kanoa said.