The 23rd member of the Northwoods League arrives in Minot in the summer of 2023, hoping to make the Magic City a permanent home for summer collegiate baseball.

Following the collapse of the Expedition League, the Northwoods League knows gaining community support for the team coming to Minot is important in their inaugural season.

“Every town we’ve gone into formerly had baseball. What happens is you build trust through your actions. You pay your bills, you do what you say, and trust and respect come from your actions and your deeds more than words by any means,” Northwoods League Co-Founder & Chairman Dick Radatz Jr. said.

The general manager for the team, Monica Blake, has already made a long term commitment by buying a house Minot, and she’s excited to bring the Northwoods brand of summer baseball to the community.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, I feel very blessed and privlileged to be given this opportunity. Bringing the Northwoods League to Minot is a whole different part of that. I’m excited to live in this community, be in this community and bring this really cool product that we have,” Blake said.

Blake has the chance to be the league’s first female owner in addition to her role as GM.

Blake: “The Northwoods League is super inclusive in all areas, but it’s always fun to ruffle some feathers and bring a female into a big role like this, it’s really exciting, and girls do it better anyway,” Blake said

The league was very eager to add a team from Minot at the end of the Expedition League’s final season.

“We were watching before it ended, actually sort of salivating. Looking forward to being here for a long time,” Radatz Jr. said.

This allows for Bismarck and Minot to develop another sports rivalry.

“I’ve heard of the battles between Bismarck and Minot teams. Obviously it’s friendly, we’re all in this together as North Dakotans, but we like to jab at each other from time to time so I just think to see the two teams compete, to see the fans get into it, I just cannot wait to build this up and stoke the flames,” Minot Baseball LLC Majority Owner John Bollinger said.

The team will accept submissions for what their mascot will be from now until September 2nd on their website: