The Coyotes started the season off losing four of their first six games. For the first time this year, they are above .500 with an 11-9 record.

Head Coach Aaron Finders credits their late-season success to the pitching staff.

“We’ve had some great pitching performances by many many of the guys and with the weather, the way that it is some of it has been short outings and many guys ready to go so it’s been great,” Finders said.

Along with improving on their pitching and getting key hits, players said they also worked on building their mental strength to stay in games.

“Just got to shake it off just worry about getting the next play doing the next thing and just move past it, Tyler Tamez, Senior Outfielder/Pitcher, said.

“I always tell myself I have like 5 seconds where I can be mad at myself and then I’ll just go to the next play. Like if I strike out I’ll think about it for a little bit and then I’ll be like okay let’s play,” Derek Lee, Senior Outfield, said.

And they know what needs to happen to keep the momentum going.

“Again staying mentally in the games. We have to keep fighting even if we’re down and just keep hitting the ball,” Lee said.

The Coyotes close out the regular season playing Mandan and Century. Finders said the depth they have will allow them to be competitive against tough opponents.

“We have over the last number of games called on a few different guys that are use to playing more JV but they’re ready to go,” Finders said.