Bismarck has another big game coming up on their schedule, taking on Minot for the second time this season.

That game up in the Magic City was the first Demons’ loss of the year, one that frustrated the team on both sides of the floor, limiting top scorer Treysen Eaglestaff on offense, while the Magi made key baskets in the halfcourt. Bismarck knows they need to be more prepared.

“They put that box and chase on us,” says head coach Jordan Wilhelm. “And Treysen right away, you could tell that his eyes were a little wide. Our guys’ eyes were a little wide when Treysen didn’t get going a little early. It led to poor energy on the defensive side.”

“Because I just wasn’t used to it,” says Eaglestaff. “I’m like, just get the ball back in my hands, but if I got the ball back in my hands there would be three guys on me. So that was my fault mainly. I didn’t think about it. I didn’t try moving or anything. So now in practice, they will run the two guys on me and stuff like that and now I can get off the top and get our guys open looks.”