Coming into the 2021-22 season, the Braves were seeking redemption after losing to the Rugby Panthers in the regional championship the previous season. The Braves knew it wasn’t going to be easy and they had some big shoes to fill after the main scorers graduated.

Along with the existing ​holes on offense, they recently lost a key player. Head Coach Kevin St. Claire said he likes what he has been from his guys stepping up to help the team.

“With an injury, we lost Kaleb, he broke his fibula or fractured it, and to replace him and we’re short on numbers the way it is so lots of sophomores looking to step up with Gabe Nero who didn’t play a lot last year but stepping in and filling the role pretty good so far. Just trying to get our balance back,” St. Claire said.

As for filling those shoes on offense from last year, St. Claire said they are trying to slow it down and not take the quick shot.

“Kids are starting to realize they need more patience, know when to run when not to. This second half of the season we are starting to slow it down a little more and being a little more disciplined offensively so we can score,” St. Claire said.

“We just need to move the ball around better and when we run offenses we score. We just need to be a little more patience when we get the ball and not just throw up the free shot we have and just settle down when we get past half-court,” Nate Olson, Senior Forward, said.

This year’s squad is standing tall with most players 6 feet or taller. Players said they are known for being a defensive team but hope the height helps them produce points along with rebounds.

“We’ve been trying to play better defense, get a lot more fast-break layups something we didn’t get last year,” Olson said.

“Try to force turnovers that’s the main goal cause turnovers can lead to points and you can get on teams fast doing that,” Carson Haerer, Sophomore Guard, said.