Bowman County’s girls basketball team is currently 15-1. The Bulldogs are were recently ranked tenth in the state, and they haven’t lost since the first game of the season.

The best part of it is they’ve done it all with just one senior, Ellie Powell, but she has been a huge factor. Powell has gone six games straight with a double double. She’s averaging more than 17 points per game on the season, while adding more than 10 rebounds per game.

However, it’s her leadership that the Bulldogs value the most.

“It’s definitely exciting, but it’s a little nerve racking,” Bulldogs’ senior Ellie Powell said. “I know that I’m close enough to my coaches that I can go and talk to them whenever, and I know that I’ll be able to hold my team accountable and that they’re there for me. It’s just kind of a surreal feeling that I’m the only one.”

“I look to her for guidance and being that team leader, and she’s an amazing leader. She gets the team to come together. If I need to change things on the court, I’m eyeing her and she’s telling everybody what to do. We have another captain on our team, she also leads with her, so she’s teaching the younger generation how to be a leader, how to be a captain, how to always give it your best. She’s just an amazing player that I’m obviously going to miss a lot next year, so we’re going to get everything we’ve got out of her this year.”

The bulldogs host their final home game of the season Thursday against heart river.