The TGU Titans have already bested last season’s win total with a 7-4 record two games into 2023. The team credits playing together during the summer and plenty of work in the weight room to the turnaround while also watching film as a team.

“I think a lot of us once we sit down and watch it and coach tells us like bring something to practice that we figured out I think a lot of us watch film a lot more and think about what they’re actually doing so it actually helps us in a game,” Sophie Bachmeier, Guard, said.

“Not only are we seeing it visual but we’re also being told it so we know what to look for on the film so it helps us really remember in the games and talk it out and help each other out in the games and what’s happening,” Ashley Martodam, Forward, said.

Coming out of Christmas break they know they need to continue being competitive all four quarters when they play top teams like Rugby and Westhope/Newburg in their district.

“We need to get better at is finishing in those big games and when games are on the line you know the last couple minutes of the game that’s something we really need to work at. We’re a young team our starting lineup is eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and a senior so not a whole lot of experience and so we just need to work on finishing games and doing the right things when it comes to the close games,” Mattie Schmitt, Head Coach, said.

On Jan. 12 the Titans face Bottineau in a district 11 showdown and the team expects a size disadvantage to be a challenge.

“We know that they are really big, they are a lot bigger than us we don’t have very tall girls on our team they are really lengthy and they are going to want to steal the ball so we’re going to have to box out, and play really good defense against them,” Bachmeier said.