Flasher’s girls basketball team is 3-1 so far in the year, and they’ve found success with a new head coach.

Taylor Krenz took over for the Bulldogs in his first-ever head coaching role, but so far so good with a team that has just two seniors.

Krenz says implementing all new systems on both offense and defense has been almost like having a team full of freshmen because all of his players are learning something new. He says the early parts of the season have been a challenge, but one that his team has gladly accepted.

“I think the biggest part with being a new coach and trying to implement new systems is you don’t want to give up on the skill development,” says Krenz. “You want to keep developing that skill during the season and you don’t want to just spend two hours putting in plays and putting in an offense, so we’ve been going kind of slow with the install and just really working on teaching them how to play basketball and working on some of the skills to play basketball.”