The Garrison Troopers are leading the way in the Region 5 standings with just one loss on the season. Two weeks ago they faced two top-ranked teams in the state in Kenmare-Bowbells and Central McLean.

The Troopers say those games helped them learn what they need to improve on when it comes to the postseason.

“Those games were big games that whole week was really a test for us. They really got use set we had to have our defense on point, we needed to play really good offense. We were swinging the ball around good cause we realized against these better teams we had to get better looks cause they we’re just going to give us the easy things and we worked together as a team on defense and that really helped,” Mia Gehring, Point Guard, said.

“We were really excited to play those really good teams cause we need to start playing some good teams cause we needed to see what it would be like in our region and so it was really nice cause now we somewhat see going to happen in regionals and their not going to be easy to beat so we need to continue to work as hard as we can,” Kaitlyn Zook, Guard, said.

With their last game being a week ago, the Troopers are using their practice days to build up their stamina and correct mental mistakes.

“Conditioning it really is. This week we’re going to take the time we are shortening up our practices but we are intensifying them and there is going to be a lot of work, a lot of conditioning, lot of fundamentals, and like I said then watching film and then the next day we come back and try to correct those things,” Matt Chase, Head Coach, said.

Three of the Troopers’ last five games are against Region 5 opponents, which they know won’t be an easy task, and it makes the games even more important.

“Our mindset doesn’t change we are still preparing for Shiloh and Central McLean every single practice that’s who we talk about. I feel like if we’re prepared that way we will never come out flat our energy will always be good and that last game of the year against Shiloh is going to be a fun one and that’s what we are preparing for right now,” Chase said.