Glen Ullin-Hebron basketball coach Bray Fox is in his eighth season leading the Bearcats, but there’s something different about this year’s squad that has gotten them to a 12-2 start.

“For these girls here, they’ve been a part of teams that have been 12-12, 10-10, things like that,” Fox said. “We’ve been average. That’s kind of one thing we stressed at the beginning of the season is ‘Let’s not be average this year.’ Let’s try to push ourselves, hold ourselves accountable and try to push a little bit further than that.”

The Bearcats are doing it all with just two seniors on their roster, and they believe there’s no ceiling to where this team can go.

“My first year here we had a lot of girls that wanted to work hard and the talent piece was coming, but they definitely put in time,” Fox said. “This one here they’ve got a lot of the talent and they’re starting to finally get that timing down. It’s starting to piece things together where it’s starting to show on the court.”

There’s no shortage of offensive talent. The Bearcats have three players averaging double digit points per game.

“We all have our own part in our team, and we flow together,” junior Kaley Schatz said. “We all score — it’s even scoring. Teams can’t just shut one person down, they have to deal with all of us.”

Defense has been the difference maker, where the Bearcats have put an emphasis on one thing, being a pain in other teams’ sides.

“The girls are in the habit now where they’ll cover each other,” Fox said. “They’ll make sure that they’re able to slide over and help. If we miss a jump or we miss a steal usually there’s another girl a step and a half away.”

That athleticism has also allowed them to stay creative on defense, switching between man and zone schemes, and if they can continue to keep opponents on their toes the Bearcats may be in the mix for their first state tournament since 2017.

“Honestly talking to each other saying, ‘I got this spot. I got this.’ and being able to switch when we need to, and stop whoever we need to,” junior MiKayla Schneider said.

The Bearcats are back on the court Saturday against Flasher.