Basketball: Minot-area players get the chance to learn from a pro

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Minot area basketball players got a chance to learn first-hand knowledge from a WNBA player.

“I’m really excited, I haven’t met a WNBA player in person before so it’s kind of exciting and the experience is really fun,” said Rylee Routledge.

“I was really excited because we usually don’t get this opportunity, especially where we live and it’s really fun to meet her and stuff,” said Aliyah Carlson-Bell.

A once in a lifetime opportunity for Minot hoopers came when WNBA player Taylor Hill stepped on the court at Nedrose High School.

“That’s always a blessing, that you’re able to give back, you’ve been somewhere that the kids aspire to be and I think it’s amazing that you can always give back regardless if it’s your community or someone else’s,” said Hill.

This week, Hill is developing the players’ skills but the main ones, she is preaching are confidence and dedication.

“You can be special but you have to be confident in yourself, you can’t harbor on the things that you do wrong and you got to have a quick memory and letting it go,” said Hill. “Just being able to outwork the next person, work ethic is important, you cant just be practice but you got to push your body to the next level.”

“She said all kinds of things like someone said that they can’t and she is just like no you can and she took them to the other basket and helped them and it helped,” said Deanna Heinze.

Camp Organizer Earnest Bell believes this a perfect time for players to learn firsthand from a professional.

“She can instill work ethic about working every day and putting the extra work in, the things I’ve stressed for years now someone whose made it to the top stresses it as well, then it will bring a different outlook to these kids,” said Bell.

“They can come here and teach you stuff and you can learn and most people don’t get that opportunity,” said Carlson-Bell.

This is the advice that Hill gives anyone looking to get to the next level:

“You have to know who you are as a player, you have to strengthen your strengths but you also you got to strengthen your weaknesses. You have to be able to put in that extra work and make those sacrifices if you want to make it to the next level.”

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