Our Redeemers girls basketball team is coming off a 14-7 season losing in their regional tournament. Coming into this season they knew they would have to improve on the defensive side of the ball.

“We felt that’s what kind of let us down in the region tournament, I mean it was a two-point game in the region tournament,” Scott Peterson, Head Coach, said. I felt that if we picked up on defense a little bit better we could have pushed it to the semifinals.”

“We’ve really been focusing a lot on defensive drills and getting everyone going and everyone talking and just communication and working together as a team,” Emily Brugman, Senior, said.

While they have a young team the leaders of this year’s squad are hoping to help grow the younger girls and calm their nerves.

“When I was younger I always looked to the older girls and I just want to be that example for them for when they are my age,” Elise Altringer, Junior, said. “Just to keep that routine and that culture coming. Leadership is so important and it just keeps everyone going and encouraging.”

“I try to bring my support and kindness because I know when I was younger I was always nervous like ‘oh if I make a mistake am I going to embarrass myself or are they not going to think I’m good so I just try to be compassionate to all my teammates because I make mistakes still all the time and I just want to be that loving teammate,” Aubrey Griedl, Junior, said.

Peterson said he is lucky that he can go to his bench whenever he needs it and not just rely on the starting five.

“I remember the year we went to state we had eight players where we could rotate them in and I had confidence when all eight of them went in there that they could play and I have that feeling again this year,” Peterson said.

And as the lone senior and another leader on the team, Brugman said this team holds a special place in her heart.

“I think being the only senior on the team this year it just really has a lot of my heart and soul into this team and I really want to make a deep push in the postseason and I think this team is strong and capable enough to do that so I’m really excited to see what the season holds for us,” Brugman said.

The Knights are back on the court Tuesday, Dec. 7 when they play Lewis and Clark-Plaza in the Nedrose invite. Tip-off at 5:30 p.m.