Third place is nothing to be disappointed in, but the Shiloh Christian Skyhawks have lofty standards when it comes to the sport of basketball. After graduating a pair of great players, now is the time for another dynamic duo to make their mark.

The Skyhawks soar into 2022 with high hopes of repeating, or even improving on last year’s finish. It all begins with a type of play that has become a way of life for Shiloh Christian.

“We want to be in-your-face defense,” says HC Dan Seifert. “We want to bring the energy on the defensive end. We want the defensive side of the ball to definitely take care of the offensive side of the ball. Start our offense for us, get the fastbreaks going for us.”

“We get after it,” says Forward Hailey Quam. “If there’s a loose ball, there better be all of us diving on the floor to get it. We just, we go after everything. We definitely use our speed to our advantage.”

Kennedy Walth and Grace Kelly will be missed after their graduation, but this leaves the door open for Hannah Westin and Hailey Quam to take their place, a guard-forward combo that will be tough to match in the state.

“Hailey works so hard on the inside,” says Guard Hannah Westin. “She gets great position on the inside. Super easy to get a ball to her, passing it into her because she works so hard there.”

“We definitely complement each other quite a bit,” says Quam. “She’ll kick it in, we work it inside out, so when people do crash it out on the inside, we kick it out. She’s one of our shooters. She’s one of our better shooters. She definitely is one of our better scorers. Don’t get me wrong, she’ll get that ball and she’ll go and take it to the rim and she’ll score it.”

With every team in Class B, there will be questions of depth. Seifert knows he will look for some sophomores to carry some minutes as they figure out their rotation early in the year.

“The biggest thing for us is to get the jitters out,” says Seifert. “I know we’re going to have some younger girls that will be starting for us and can we shake those nerves and be ready to go when the regional play starts up.”

Shiloh Christian opens their season next week on the road when they travel to face Kidder County on the 29th.