Reigning Region Eight Champion Stanley Boys Basketball has won four straight games after a road loss to start the season.

“Luckily I’ve got a bunch of guys who want to be in the gym, and even on snow days, they’re asking to go get shots up. Their parents take them, they shoot baskets in their big garages. They stay pretty active. For us as coaches, we just try to keep them focused on the next game, the next practice, and just the fundamentals of what we’re trying to do,” Head Coach Kory Anderson said.

“We’ve just got to keep our mental focus and just get in the gym as much as we can. Just try to have some open gyms and if we don’t have game, just getting practice in,” Junior Point Guard Josh Hetzel said.

Stanley has an older team this year with eleven upperclassman.

While returning sophomore’s Drake Schlosser and Mason McPeak lead last year’s team in scoring, that side of the ball isn’t where their identity lies.

“We’re still really athletic. We can play defense when we want to, and that’s kind of our focus with our guys is focus on defense. The struggles might happen offensively, but as long as we’re locked in defensively, it can buy us some time until we get a good flow,” Anderson said.

An abundance of varsity experience means the team should be well equipped to take better care of the basketball as the season goes along.

We’re all not young anymore and we don’t make as we did last year. We still a lot more turnovers than we should, but we’re just getting a lot better. We’re still learning, but it’s a lot better,” Hetzel said.

“We have to have that composure. We need someone to get us locked in when we’re having all of these turnovers. That’s one of our issues right now that we’ve got to fix. We’re a mature team, we’re not young anymore, and we’re got to do a better job of taking better care of the ball,” Anderson said.