The Surrey Mustangs boys team played just two games before the holiday break losing both in close ones against tough opponents.

The Mustangs return 10 of their players but this year they hope to make noise on the defensive side of the ball.

After their first two games against Garrison and Stanley, they know they need to clean up their play and focus on what they can control.

“We got to learn don’t turnover the ball. That’s our number one thing is not to turn over the ball and be able to execute on offense and make sure our defense no matter what happens our defense is able to play and be in the game at all times,” David Jackson, Head Coach, said.

“We just can’t be worried about who we’re playing against we just got to play our game and play the way we do it. We push the ball we got to push the ball we can’t worry about who we play against,” William Mayo, Senior Forward, said.