After the 2021 season, the Lady Pirates had a total of just six wins. And before Christmas break this year they already have five.

Head Coach Deb DeMoe said their record a year ago didn’t give them enough credit for showcasing the real talent they have.

“It’s nice coming off with wins I think it gives us more confidence for the harder teams that we’re going to face we know that we have some wins already,” Kennedi Keever, junior guard, said.

This year Tioga is led by five juniors but they say you’d never know it by how they play.

“The younger girls, even though they are younger, they have a lot of maturity, so they don’t really act younger and they don’t play younger, they play like they are older,” Keever said.

“Right now our two leading scorers are a couple of freshman girls but we have a very deep bench this year honestly we could go as deep as our bench is and really keep the same pace up, that’s something we have this year that maybe we haven’t had in years past,” DeMoe said.

And although hanging with teams like Kenmare/Bowbells is tough, DeMoe said they’ll have to continue to work hard to stay on top.

“Seeing the assists stat rise, we have a lot of individual players who can score, absolutely we do sometimes seeing that open person that might have the better shot is something we are trying to push into the girls and make them realize maybe that one extra pass can get us a little better look,” DeMoe said.