The Westhope/Newburg girls basketball team is off to a hot start, opening up the season with a 6-0 record, with five of those wins by coming double digits.

Heading into their Christmas break, they know what it will take to remain as one of the top teams in the district.

The Sioux entered the 2022 season with 4 of their 5 starters from 2021. One of them being senior guard Ellie Braaten, who already this year had a quadruple double against Glenburn.

With this experience, Head Coach Bob Beaudrie’s message to the girls improve every game even if we’re winning.

Obviously more likely we’re not going to win every game it’s very difficult to do so but I think even with the losses getting that 1% better in the game, like getting more rebounds or steals or something like that that’s getting better and that’s what we need to keep doing, Braaten said.

This season, every girl is a piece to the puzzle of success.

“If I go to an individual and say hey here’s what I expect out of you if you do this extra thing that’s gravy but I expect you to be a lock down defender I expect you to set great screens if we give everybody one or two main things that we’re looking to get out of them and you put that all together boy that’s a fun team to coach especially if they all except that,” Beaudrie said.

While they have the experience, they don’t have the height. To be successful in District 11 and region 6 they have to use their speed to cause the chaos.

“Especially with our lack of size we’ve been pretty much out rebounded every game we’ve played so far I think we only out rebounded one team and eventually that’s going to catch up to you and it’s going to hurt you,” Beaudrie said.

“We want to have it go our way and with our press we are very up in the face moving fast back and forth it goes along with our speed again it works with everyone’s certain strengths when we are playing,” Braaten said.