Sports are suspended across the world, and for many students prom is on hold to, but Beach’s football and track coach Mike Zier changed that for his school.

Normally he would be preparing his athletes for meets right now, but instead he lead the way for Beach students to have a social distancing prom.

Zier cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and left them at the end of his driveway for kids to pick up in bags. Local businesses even donated gift cards to go in the bags. Then the prom goers took group photos while making sure they were six feet apart.

“As a track coach, prom is a four letter word for us,” Zier said. “It’s in our magna carta that we don’t really like prom, because that week of track is basically shot, but I tell you what I like my kids a lot more than anything. I was happy to be a small part of it so that they could be happy.”

“I’ll carry with this me for quite a while,” junior Alyvia Braden said. “It’s a unique kind of prom. You really can’t forget it.”

Braden said her favorite part was getting a chance to see her friends for the first time in a month.