Summer baseball is about bringing people together, and the Bismarck Senators have done that in a big way while bringing together athletes from four different high schools who have never played together.

“Honestly it’s not as bad as some people would think because everyone here has the same goal and that’s to come together and win games,” Senators’ infielder Traiden Kalfell said.

The Senators’ success has been plentiful after opening the season with six straight wins, but it hasn’t been easy.

“It takes a lot of patience for sure because you don’t really know who someone is as a player, but we’ve all just held each other accountable for things,” Senators’ infielder TJ Olson said. “We’ve asked each other questions if we didn’t know something, we just ask a friend for help and just help each other out.”

The bats have been hot early in the summer with the Senators averaging nearly nine runs per game, yet this group is still focused on the improvements.

“The big thing we’ve been talking about is making adjustments,” TJ Olson said. “If you pop up your first at bat, you know, you’re next at bat you make sure you try to stay on top of the ball and becoming a tough out at the plate. That’s been one of our focuses is tough outs and not making it easy on the defense.”

“The biggest thing we’re working on now is getting good pitches to hit,” head coach Troy Olson said. “We want to attack the zone and the 2-0, 3-1 counts, those plus counts we want to really get aggressive and try to hit the ball in the gaps and stay away from the easy outs.”

The Senators know if they can stay consistent at the plate they can do the work defensively to maintain momentum.

“(It’s) nice to get these guys in this week and have three-four practices just to work on things and start playing defensively as a team,” Troy Olson said.