Marshall Kent is a 5 time PBA tour event winner, giving tips and tricks to local bowlers at the Strike Zone in Williston in a sport he’s played since he was two years old.

“My parents owned a bowling center before I was born so it was kind of like my daycare growing up. I’d go throw bowling balls in lanes and they’d go work and five hours later they’d drag me out by my collar, kicking and screaming because I didn’t want to leave and go and do it all the next day,” Kent said.

But this isn’t the only reason Kent came to North Dakota, as him and Jay Fettig are leading the way to bring PBA events to Fargo and Bismarck next June.

Marshall’s recruiting a lot of the tour players that he knows to come up for it, and then if anyone locally here or statewide is interested in being a sponsor, we’re looking for sponsors for the event as well. And then we’re going to have PBA junior at the same time, so we’ll have a PBA junior event along with the PBA event,” Fettig said.

Another message the pair hope to spread is the amount of scholarship opportunities available for young bowlers, as Kent finished debt free with a degree from Robert Morris University.

“There’s hundreds of thousands of unused scholarship dollars through bowling that get thrown to waste because people are afraid that they aren’t good enough to college to go bowl or that they’re not going to make the team, which you can get a scholarship even if you’re a 130-140 average bowler,” Kent said.

Locally, they can earn several thousands of dollars before they graduate high school that goes in a Smart account, and they can use that for college. So there’s kids that have ended up earning 10,15,20 thousand dollars if they start young enough,” Fettig said.