United Tribes’ men’s basketball team is off to a strong start this season, and they’re doing it with a young team.

The Thunderbirds have just three sophomores listed on their roster, but they feel like team chemistry is one of their strengths this season. A big part of that has been playing better team defense and creating points in transition.

“We’re just getting out and running. Like we’re smaller than other people, everybody’s like 6’7″, 6’8″,” freshman guard Famous Lefthand said. “It’s just how we play ball here. We get up and down the court, we run them and we just try to tire them out.”

“The way we’ve been able to share the basketball and stick together as a team, you know play good team defense at times,” Thunderbirds’ head coach Pete Conway said. “This group can be a fun group to be around and a fun group to watch when we’re sharing the ball and getting everyone involved.”