Friday was day one of two at the State Cross Country Meet, as the Class B competitors raced for a title.

Class B Boys Individual Results:

1. Austin WannerBowman County16:04.6
2. Caleb SarslandBowman County16:09.8
3. Christian BristHillsboro/Central Valley16:27.9
4. Taylor WannerBowman County16:36.3
5. Jonah NjosBowman County16:46.7

Class B Boys Team Results:

1. Bowman County18
2. Kindred111
3. New Town112
4. Hillsboro-Central Valley149
5. Rugby259

Class B Girls Individual Results:

1. Brynn HansonDes Lacs-Burlington18:57.5
2. Addie MillerKilldeer19:08.4
3. Amelia ShepardRugby19:39.3
4. Mashae MillerKenmare/Bowbells/Burke19:47.0
5. Hannah SenechalRugby19:50.9

Class B Girls Team Results:

1. Rugby89
2. Bowman County118
3. Hillsboro-Central Valley151
4. Kindred225
5. Grafton267