There is a new sports facility coming to Dickinson next year. The project was recently approved and the goal is to start construction on the $7 million facility next spring.

The multi-sport complex will feature four softball fields, with one being a fully turfed championship level stadium. There will also be multiple soccer fields at the facility.

It will be built between Dickinson State’s campus and Dickinson high school, and both schools will use the complex, as well as recreation teams.

Dickinson State athletic director Pete Stanton says the project will be fully funded through fundraising and matching grants received by the university.

“You look at not just softball athletes that are coming to Dickinson State, or people in the community of Dickinson, but as a recruiting and seeing that that land is developed and it has a lot of nice things there not just for our university, but our schools and the community,” athletic director Pete Stanton said. “It’s really going to be a top notch thing for our community.”

“Dickinson softball in this community is something that’s really come together just from the youth to the high school to the college, and so that’s what we’re most excited about is being able to build this facility to accommodate the little kids from the six year olds all the way to the 23 year olds,” Dickinson State softball coach Kristen Fleury said.

Stanton says the complex is projected to be completed by the fall of 2022.