Double amputee supports teammates at McQuade’s Tournament

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Over 460 teams will be in Bismarck for the 44th annual McQuade Softball Tournament, but one team shows that there is life beyond the call of duty, and one of those players is set to redefine the meaning of perseverance.

This is Brent Nadjadi at last year’s McQuade’s Tournament, an RBI single for the then Wound Warriors Amputee Softball team — now the USA Patriots. The tournament, holding a special place in Nadjadi’s heart.

“I can’t think of a better place I’d rather spend my birthday,” says USA Patriot Brent Nadjadi. “On a softball field, with the guys that truly mean a lot to me. They’re like family.”

Brent has been with the Patriots for five years — a team that has one mission — to help kids born with birth defects live a normal life.

“They can do everything that they want to do,” says Nadjadi. “And there’s no ceiling for that. A lot of it comes down to heart, desire and making the best of what you have in front of you.”

For Brent, he’s on the sidelines at this year’s tournament. With already one leg amputated, doctors removed the other three weeks ago.

“For me, this is a good recharge,” Nadjadi says. “Just getting out here has already motivated me to get back into the gym and start just crushing it so I can get back out there.”

Cheering on his teammates, Brent Nadjadi knows that they represent something bigger: A chance to represent all wounded warriors and show that there’s life after combat.

“You get to be a part of something that’s way bigger than ourselves,” says Nadjadi. “We’re athletes, I get that. We’re amputees, but the purpose that we’re doing this for and to give back is really what makes it rewarding for us.”

Brent Nadjadi plans to fully recover from his second amputation by August, where he will hit the field once again for the Patriots.

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