The Dream Catchers Baseball team has been around since 2003, giving every kid the chance to participate in America’s pastime. Founder Michelle Blevins said she started this almost 20 years ago because of her son Aaron.

“This is the best entertainment in the city of Minot. Watching these kids play is probably the greatest thing you’ll ever see,” Michelle Blevins, Founder of Dream Catchers Baseball, said.

“We sat out on the other side of the fence and watched brother and sister play for about a year and decided there’s got to be a way you can play ball he loves it he’s a sports nut all the way,” Blevins said.

The league has grown from 13 to 73 athletes in four different age levels.

While the team is based in Minot the athletes come from all over. William Falck travels from Williston every week with his family to play.

“I love it. It’s great, get to see the kids. I would like more people from Williston to experience this cause we have nothing like this here.” Falck said.

“It’s great to see. We just use to play around in the backyard but this facility is so cool and it’s nothing like this around so it’s just great for him to mingle with other kids and coaches he just has a great time,” Bill Carl, William’s Grandpa, said.

Blevins said when she started this almost 20 years ago she would have never imagined it growing into something this big. It’s given these athletes new friends and new family.

“It’s so fun it’s like we’re all brothers and sisters, to be honest, there is really no other best way to describe it,” Tayton Hjelmstad, Coach & Athlete for Dream Catchers, said.

“It’s hard to explain how great it is but I’m so blessed that I get to be a part of all of these kids’ lives because they’ve changed my life more than I’ve probably done to them,” Blevins said.

They play every Thursday night at Aarons Field at the South Hill Softball Complex in Minot.

If you are interested in becoming a buddy or signing your special needs kid up contact Michelle Blevins at (701) 720-0553 or