Bowman County’s football team has a somewhat new look this year with a change in their head coaching position.

Nate Kees will be tasked with taking over the Bulldogs after spending the last several years coaching linemen. The Bulldogs will have continuity with the rest of their coaching staff, which Kees believes will help when it comes to making adjustments on a game-by-game basis, as well as finding the best spots for players to fit after graduating one of the best quarterback-receiver combos in the state.

“The vision is the same,” Kees explained. “We know we can’t line up like dad used to or grandpa used to in the 80s or whenever it was and just go, ‘Rawr.’ We have to use the best 11 players at positions needed.”

The Bulldogs open their season against Kenmare-Bowbells-Burke at home on August 19.