The Century Patriots are ready to load up the bus and head east this Friday taking on the team that knocked them out a year ago.

The Patriots come into this game as the higher-ranked team in the state in the matchup, but Ron Wingenbach has been around long enough to know that it’s all about the play on the field. There’s a sense of extra motivation around the team in week one, they just hope it loads up on the bus with them while they head out east on Friday night.

“I think a bus ride is always good just to get the team to bond a little bit more,” says HC Ron Wingenbach. “One more time so to speak. But for a lot of these kids, it’s going to be a first-time experience playing them. But at least playing them last year and they can say the same about us, we have a pretty good gauge on what they do defensively and offensively and vice versa.”