For the Century Patriots, some starters return to the fold and most of them have the strong taste from last year’s semifinal loss to West Fargo on their mind.

Head Coach Ron Wingenbach knows that his team needs to stay healthy this year, giving reps to younger players knowing that they may need to step in when needed.

“This is a real close underclassmen group,” says head coach Ron Wingenbach. “We need to continue to build on that. We always challenge our sophomores that, by the first of October, we got to be looking at some of them for some depth, whether it’s on special teams or offense, or defense. They got to provide some depth for us.”

“With all the juniors last year who felt the pain of losing that game coming into it this year leaving a bad taste in our mouth from last year, it just makes you want to work really hard, and get as good as you can be for that first game, getting out and setting the tone for the year,” says senior Jaxson Walz.”