One of the nation’s best passing attacks is ready for take-off, including All-American Danny Kittner at wideout. It’s his decision to stay at UMary for one more season that has his teammates and coaches hyped up for the new year.

The spotlight is bright at the Bismarck Bowl for the nation’s leading receiver a year ago, a player that was fielding all kinds of offers to transfer at the D1 level, but knew that it just didn’t feel right to move on from the Marauders or his head coach.

“We both decided that it was best to stay,” says WR Danny Kittner. “And I also wanted to stay here because we have unfinished business. Like I said, the season didn’t end in the playoffs last year.”

“Danny’s been there since day one,” says HC Craig Bagnell. “He saw where it was and where we are now. He knows that we’re good at throwing the ball. He knows that we’re going to find ways to be creative to get him the ball. He loves the school, he loves the city. He’s an example of a great guy that is committed to the program.”

That commitment is sparking a high level of excitement in the offense. Logan Nelson makes a return under center, a relationship between a quarterback and wideout unmatched around the country.

“We got some new stuff that is coming in that we’re really excited about,” says QB Logan Nelson. “And stuff that me and him know we left on the table last year. So we’ve really focused that stuff on, especially in the summer, getting the extra work in, getting our chemistry down.”

“That’s my guy, that’s my quarterback,” says Kittner. “And that was a big thing we talked about in the offseason too was to continue to work on our timing, our connection.”

Filling the void that Luke Little left behind will be the key to the Marauders taking the next step, taking the pressure off Kittner when defenses scheme against the 5th-year senior.

“We’ve had a ton of guys committed to this program here all summer long,” says Bagnell. “And so for us to really continue to build off of that and show guys how important it is, we have to take that next step and we have to win some football games.”

That journey for the Maruaders begins at home on September 3rd, when they host the Wayne State Wildcats.