Dickinson Trinity is on to round two of the Class 11B playoffs, and they’ve gotten that far thanks to a high-powered offense.

The Titans are averaging more than 47 points per game, and they haven’t scored any less than 35 points all year. That’s thanks to an offensive line that has stepped up in a big way when they’re on the field, and when they’re off of it.

“I think they’re working as a unit,” Titans’ head coach John Odermann said. “They’re working as 11 guys that really trust each other and rely on that guy next to them. One of the great things that I think we’ve seen this year, the guys are coming off the field and saying, ‘hey coach, this is there.’ Taking advantage of the alignments and the different opportunities that they’re identifying on the field.”

The Titans hit the road to play Velva-Drake-Anamoose-Garrison on Saturday.