Most football teams will tell you preparation for the first round of playoffs is just like any other week, but for the Legacy Sabers this week is anything but normal.

For the first time in Legacy’s history the Sabers are hosting a playoff game, bringing a sense of pride to a program that’s searching for its first ever postseason win.

“We’re definitely taking it serious, but we’re also very excited to be in this position and playing here,” Sabers’ quarterback Logan Miller said.

“Well it’s very exciting because this year has been a year of making history and setting a lot of records for our program as a whole, so it feels pretty good to finally get one here,” Sabers’ running back Carl Henry added.

This week is anything other than normal with the Sabers facing a Fargo Davies team they beat less than a week ago.

“Preparation is about what adjustments we think we need to make; what adjustments they think they need to make. It’s not a normal week preparation for sure,” Sabers’ head coach Chris Clements said.

The adjustments start with trying to contain one of the best athletes in the state, Mason Klabo, who led the Eagles to 14 unanswered second half points last week. Stopping Klabo starts with taking away his ability to run.

“During the second half I feel like there were times where we kind of fell back and he was able to scramble, so definitely doing that,” Henry said.

On the opposite side, the Sabers hope to replicate a fast start against the Eagles after jumping out to a 21-0 lead.

“We came out and we started really hot, and I think that just got our entire team going, and I think that kept us mentally in the game and that’s what secured us that win,” Miller said.

The Sabers know it’s not about how you start. It’s how you finish and finishing on top this week will mean more than words can explain.

“Oh that’d be big,” Miller said. “That’d be really big for everybody, including the coaches. That’d be really exciting.”

The Sabers and Eagles face off at the Bismarck Community Bowl on Friday night at 6:30 PM.