Hope springs eternal in the opening week of spring football practices at Minot State.

“It’s been different. There’s a lot more energy. Guys are ready to play. It’s like there’s really pressure on guys to compete early and figure stuff out and go so, people are always excited for spring ball, because you haven’t played football in a couple of months,” Junior Defensive Back Isaiah Bigby said.

“There’s been an extra amount of juice like guys are ready to go like normally, day two is a little weaker than day one. But day two was explosive today just like day one,” Bigby added.

Part of that buzz comes from first year head coach Ian Shields instilling his values into the program.

“It all starts with effort. We ask these guys to give us 100% effort from when the ball is snapped until the echo of the whistle is to play full speed,” Shields said.

“We’re not all going full speed in the right direction or the right way. They’re learning how to play still within our style, but the effort is there and we’re taking big strides forward,” Shields said.

“He wants us to just be one step better every day so the little details of being there early, not being a 59:59 guy, being there about 5-10 minutes early,” Senior Defensive Back Knylen Miller-Levi said.

The new staff also brings fresh schemes for the players to learn.

“Totally different offense, totally different defense, different in the kicking game so all three phases of the game. We’re asking these guys to do some things they’ve never done before so they’re not in their comfort zone and that’s okay and so there’s growth when you’re making these changes,” Shields said.

“You just have to erase your mind from past offenses and stuff and start from scratch. You need to spend the time. Come up with ways to remember stuff whether it’s acronyms or stuff like that,” Junior Quarterback Dawson Macleary said.

The team hopes the adjustments made can lay the foundation for Minot State’s first winning season since 2010.

“Everything we do, whether it’s in the line stretching waiting for that whistle to go, everything is with purpose, everything is with excitement and you do good when you’re having fun so that’s the biggest part,” Macleary added.

The Beavers play their spring game at the MSU Bubble on April 22.