The North Dakota Shrine Bowl is in just a few days as the best players in the state converge in Mayville ahead of the two games.

Thursday was media day for the players, a chance to take pictures, play games with the local youth, and then put on the pads and practice with rivals and teammates. It’s east versus west in both 11-man and 9-man, but these players feel they are bonding quickly.

“You know right away, I didn’t know any of them,” says Century’s Ben Mansmith. “Then as soon as I started hanging out in room 108, I got to know a lot of the guys and started bonding pretty fast and got to know a lot of them well and I like a lot of them now. I want to hit someone hard. That’s what I’m going to try and do. My coach, he likes to do a little right call. So I’m just going to be looking for him. Coach Walker, this one’s for you man.”