The Outlaws made the playoffs at the nine-man level in every season since the co-op formed in 2017.

The team says they’ll have to adjust what they want to do schematically as they add two extra players to the gridiron on Friday nights.

“On offense, it’s a little bit more of you’ve got to get north and south. You’ve got to make sure you’re gaining the yards that are there, you can’t just get outside every play. On defense, it’s maybe a little bit easier because you’ve got more guys out there, but the schemes can get more complex, so you’ve got to make sure everyone knows what’s going on, and where they’re supposed to be,” Head Coach Seth Wisthoff said.

“We depended upon being able to run outside a lot. Just because there’s a lot more room in nine man and we just need our lineman to step up and make some plays,” Senior Fullback and Linebacker Wyatt Bothe added.

The Outlaws hope to utilize an even-keeled skillset during the step up in competition.

“I don’t know that we have one spot that’s just a glaring strength and not really one spot that’s a glaring weakness. I’m hoping that we can be very balanced Obviously defensively, we want to be able to stop the run. That’s gonna be the number one key all of the time. Hopefully on offense, we can establish the run game and then mix in some passing to with that so we can keep teams honest,” Wisthoff said.

“I think it’s just gonna be having confidence knowing that we can compete and that we will compete and we’re gonna do our best, and I think that’s what we’ve been doing the past couple of years is just competing and doing our best,” Senior Quarterback Tyson Enget said.

Ray/Powers Lake opens the season at Shiloh Christian August 19.