This weekend marks the start of playoff football across the state, with the Surrey Mustangs heading to the postseason a the sixth straight season, lead by a first year head coach.

Hosting a first round playoff game this year didn’t come easy for the 4-3 Surrey Mustangs, who implemented a new offense this summer under new head coach Connor Hill.

“It’s a lot different from what they were used to last year. Last year was a lot more I-formation, kind of a lot more one formation stuff where we’ve probably gone in and out of 10 or 12 different formations this year,” Hill said.

“Last year we did a lot of checking, a lot of reading, but this year it was more set plays, we still do check, but it’s just different now in a different offense,” Senior Quarterback and Safety Rylan Scheig said.

The Mustangs host 3-5 Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood in the first round, and they’re focused on stopping the Mavericks ground attack.

“MLS is a very good team, we don’t underestimate them at all, but we’ve got to go out and be prepared and ready to win the game,” Senior Wide Receiver and Cornerback Ethan Hanson said.

“They’re a team that’s gotten a lot better over these last four or five weeks too. They’ve got a really good power run game right now that they’re content with getting three yards and getting first downs and taking four plays to get that first down.”

Even as Surrey enters with the better record … the team hopes to play their best games thus far to open the postseason.

“We had some injuries at the beginning of the year and now we’re getting health and we’re getting hot right now, we’re playing really well and just keeping our job on defense and on offense just knowing what my job is and that’s something we’ve been preaching all year is just make sure we know what we’re doing every play,” Hill said

“Being a senior and knowing that this could potentially be my last game, I’m playing every play like it’s my last,” Hanson said.

The Mustangs and Mavericks kick things off at 1 p.m. on Saturday.