The Mustangs are coming into the 2022 season off a loss in the quarterfinal last year. And this season, they have a new man calling the plays on the sideline.

Connor Hill was hired as the head football coach at Surrey earlier this year after coming from South Boarder as the Offensive Coordinator.

“I’m a pretty calm, cool, collected guy. I’m methodical and try to put guys in places where I think they can be successful I think that’s the biggest thing that’s one of the biggest things to be when you’re a head coach is getting guys in spots where they can definitely be successful and the team can be successful,” Hill said.

Players said having the off-season to build a relationship with Coach Hill was great instead of having to wait until the season started.

“It was big we had a Valley City camp where we got to meet coach and we’ve just talked throughout summer all of us as a team and got to know each other,” Rylan Scheif, Senior Quarterback, said.

“It was huge because if you got to know him here then you have to restart everything here. We know him earlier so it’s good,” Ayden Amundson, Senior Left Guard/Defensive End, said.

Hill said having the players be familiar with not only each other but other coaches has helped them mesh during the early season practices.

“You got to think these guys have been playing together since they were in fourth fifth grade and I’m brand new coming in so this summer was huge on just getting to know the players and getting to know their skill set and what they are good at and I’m hoping that the work they put in this summer will translate to a good season this year,” Hill said.